Proposed Qualification Course

The Georgia standard qualification course, commonly referred to as the “SQC”, is the state approved course for peace officer firearms qualification. Agencies may submit alternate courses to the Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors (GALEFI) for approval with the requirement that the course must “meet or exceed” the standard set by the SQC. The course is shot using the SQT target.

GALEFI takes a very literal interpretation of “meet or exceed”.  As such, I have matched all of the distances and movement requirements; however, instead of shooting the course in a fixed amount of time and using percentage points to determine a score, my course is shot against a running clock  with time added in the lower scoring portions of the target rather than point deductions.  The shooter’s score is their total adjusted time for the course of fire.  For lack of a better name, I am calling the course Time Trial (file download) for now.

I would appreciate shooters helping me determine a minimum passing score for the course. If you are willing, please shoot the course and let me know your time on it. Also, please let me know your current classifications if you shoot competitively. If you are a current or retired Georgia certified peace officer, please let me know what your average scores on the SQC are. For those of you thay aren’t peace officers and shoot the SQC for comparison, please let me know your scores on it as well.

If this proposed alternate course gets approved, I will use it as a core to build a course with more movement and alternate positions.

***Note: after receiving several questions about the minimum passing score, I have bolded the above paragraph.  I am seeking data to determine what the minimum passing score should be.  I need to show a correlation between the skill set needed to pass the SQC to the score needed to pass Time Trial so that I can show that the course “exceeds” the standard set by the SQC.

One comment

  1. I enjoy shooting police qual courses, since they give me a specific course of fire to shoot when I go to the range, rather than just blasting away. Next time I have a chance, a few of us will give this a shot and let you know what we come-up with. Thanks!

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