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Welcome to my blog. Here, I will post articles concerning law enforcement practices, procedures, training and philosophies. The articles will stem from questions that I am frequently asked as well as contemporary events. Please feel free to provide feedback and to send me suggestions for more pieces.

All original works authored by me and posted here are free to be used elsewhere provided that they are not used commercially and proper bibliographical credit is given for the works.

Below you will find my vitae:

Experience Summary
Peace officer since January of 1999 serving as a patrol officer, field training officer, detective, supervisor, three terms as Chief Deputy, and currently as an agency training coordinator having been sworn at the local, state, and federal levels. Over 4300 hours of total POST credit training hours. College-level adjunct instructor.  Served two terms on the Board of Directors of the Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors.

Master of Public Administration: The University of Georgia
Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with History minor: Valdosta State University
Associate of Science in General Studies: Georgia Military College
Basic Law Enforcement Training: Northeast Georgia Police Academy (now GPSTC-Athens)

Professional Certifications
GA POST Basic Law Enforcement
GA POST Jailer
GA POST General Instructor
GA POST Firearms Instructor
GA POST Senior Deputy
GA POST Managerial Certificate
GA POST Supervisory Certificate
GA POST Advanced Certificate
GA POST Intermediate Certificate
GA POST Field Training Officer
GALEFI Master Instructor
GALEFI Advanced Instructor
GALEFI Intermediate Firearms Instructor
Force Science Institute: Force Science Analysis

Instructor and Train the Trainer Level Courses Attended
GPSTC: Instructor Training (80 hours)
GPSTC: Firearms Instructor (80 hours)
GPSTC: Shotgun Instructor (40 hours)
FBI Police Firearms Instructor (80 hours)
FBI Law Enforcement Instructor School (40 hours)
FBI Patrol Rifle Instructor (24 hours)
FLETC Use of Force Instructor (80 hours)
FLETC Active Shooter Threat Instructor (40 hours)
FLETC Basic Tactical Medical Instructor (24 hours)
FLETC Firearms Instructor Training Program (80 Hours) (Distinguished Weapons Expert rating)
Rangemaster (Tom Givens): Firearms Instructor Development Course (24 hours)
Rangemaster: Advanced Firearms Instructor Development & Certification Course (16 hours)
Rangemaster: Master Firearms Instructor Development & Certification Course (24 hours)
Rangemaster: Defensive Shotgun Instructor Course (24 hours)
Team One Network: Active Shooter Instructor (24 hours)
IALEFI: Master Instructor Development Course (24 hours)
Massad Ayoob Group: Deadly Force Instructor
Law of Self Defense Instructor Program
GALEFI Patrol Rifle Instructor (24 hours)
Sig Sauer Academy Pistol Mounted Optics Instructor (16 hours)
Center for Domestic Preparedness: Managing Civil Action in Threat Incidents (40 hours)
ASP Tactical Baton Instructor (16 hours)
ASP Tactical Handcuff Instructor (8 hours)
Arma Training: Handgun Protection Instructor
NRA Basic Pistol Instructor
NRA Personal Protection In The Home Instructor
NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Instructor

Advanced Firearms Training and Tactics Courses Attended
GPSTC: Semi-Automatic Pistol Level 1 (32 hours)
GPSTC: Semi-Automatic Pistol Level 2 (32 hours)
GPSTC: Semi-Automatic Pistol Level 3, Advanced Rating (32 hours, 2007)
GPSTC: Semi-Automatic Pistol Level 3, Advanced Rating (32 hours, 2013)
GPSTC: Police Tactical Rifle (40 hours)
GPSTC: Concealed Carry Handgun (24 hours)
GPSTC: Shotgun Skills (24 hours)
GPSTC: Officer Survival (40 hours, GPSTC-Athens)
RCTA: Basic High Risk Warrant Planning & Execution (40 hours)
Rogers Shooting School: Pistol (Advanced Rating)
Lund Performance and Consulting (Erik Lund): Dynamic Fighting Rifle
Lund Performance and Consulting: Performance Shotgun
Lund Performance and Consulting: Rifle/Pistol Low Light
Lund Performance and Consulting: Level II Performance Rifle & Low Light
Lund Performance and Consulting: AK Operator’s Course
Rangemaster: Combative Pistol I
Rangemaster: Intensive Pistol Skills One Day Format
Rangemaster: Defensive Shotgun Course One Day Format
Rangemaster: Defensive Revolver
Tom Givens & William Aprill: The Unthinkable
Ken Hackathorn: Advanced Tactical Pistol 
Langdon Tactical Technology (Ernest Langdon): Tactical Pistol Skills
Way of the Gun (Frank Proctor): Performance Pistol
ShivWorks (Craig Douglas): Extreme Close Quarters Concepts
S.O.B. Tactical (John McPhee): Carbine Marksmanship Course
Defense Training International (John Farnam): Defensive Handgun/Urban Rifle
Gabe White Training: Pistol Shooting Solutions, Light Pin (2017)
Gabe White Training: Pistol Shooting Solutions, Light Pin (2018)
Hardwired Tactical Shooting (Wayne Dobbs): Advanced Pistol Skills
Hardwired Tactical Shooting (Darryl Bolke): One Day Shotgun
Handgun Combatives (Dave Spaulding): Adaptive Combat Pistol
Handgun Combatives Kinetic Combat Pistol
Handgun Combatives Combative Pistol (Buckles # 13 & 14))
Handgun Combatives Advanced Covert Pistol
Handgun Combatives Red Dot Workshop
Handgun Combatives Vehicle Combatives
The Complete Combatant (Brian Hill): 1.5 Day class
The Complete Combatant Red Dot Concepts 2-Day class
Law of Self Defense Level 1 & 2
Citizen Defense Research: Contextual Handgun: The Armed Parent/Guardian
Gunsite: Shotgun 260
Operation Specific Training: Applied Fundamentals
Combat Shooting And Tactics (Paul Howe): Concealed Carry Tactical Pistol
KR Training (Karl Rehn): Advanced Handgun 1-Day
KR Training: Tactical Scenarios 1-Day
Marksmanship Matters (Larry Mudgett) 4 Day Defensive Pistol Course

Armorer Certifications
M1911/1911A1: U.S. Training Center
AR-15/M16 Comprehensive Armorer Course: Weapon Systems Training Council
Smith & Wesson Semi-Auto Pistol (expired)

Supervision & Management Training
IACP: Leadership in Police Organizations (100 hours)
GPTSC: Supervision 1 (40 hours)
GPSTC: Supervision 2 (40 hours)
GPTSC: Supervision 3 (40 hours)

Criminal Procedure Advanced Training
GPSTC: Criminal Procedure (40 hours)
GPSTC: Criminal Apprehension for Patrol (40 hours)
GPSTC: Search and Seizure for Drug Cases (40 hours)

Professional Association Memberships
Georgia Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

GA POST= Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Council
GPSTC= Georgia Public Safety Training Center
RCTA: Regional Counterdrug Training Academy
IACP: International Association of Chiefs of Police
NRA= National Rifle Association
IALEFI= International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors

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