Social Levergun

Social Levergun

The lever-action rifle has been getting the job done since 1860, and it is still a viable choice for a patrol/social rifle. Basic operation, combat loading techniques, and weapon transitions are covered.

A centerfire lever-action rifle (80 rounds) and duty/carry pistol (50 rounds) along with support gear are needed to complete the drills. A means of carrying spare rifle ammo (butt cuff, cartridge belt, etc) is needed. Hearing protection, eye protection, and a brimmed hat are required. A rifle with a sling is preferred. Note: The rifle should be one that allows loading directly into the chamber as well as one with a loading gate in the receiver.

***The drills are designed around a rifle that has a loading gate in the receiver and that allows direct loading into the chamber through the ejection port.***

A rifle only version of the course is also available.

This class is available to agencies, small groups, and individuals. It may be combined with other course offerings.

Contact can be made via the form below:

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