Skill Builder

Skill Builder

Qualifying and training are not one and the same, but unfortunately qualifying annually is all the trigger time some peace officers get, and training too often devolves into simply getting personnel to a level where they can pass the state course (SQC). Shooting against the very generous par times of the state qualification course and overly-large scoring areas of the standard state target can easily lull one into a false sense of security and skill level.

Skill Builder is a course specifically designed to teach and improve the skills needed to improve a shooter’s ability to deploy and operate their duty/carry pistol quickly and effectively. Primary attention is given to draw techniques, grip, recoil control, and reloading. Training on draw technique is specifically tailored to the duty holster employed by the student. Students will shoot numerous drills to establish a baseline allowing them to continue to test their progress utilizing the skills they learn learn in the class.

This course is also suitable for armed citizens.

This course can be tailored around ammunition availability, and it can be combined with other course offerings.

It is available to agencies, small groups, and individuals.  It may be combined with other course offerings.

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